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würde nich sagen, dass sie besonders poetisch sind but erstmal en paar von mir...
diejenige person für die es is, weiß es....
hope we'll get around some day!!

mien allererstes:D net lache:P

When I saw you the first time,
I saw in your face a beautiful shine
I wanted to know who you are
but now I know it,
for me you are a special star

If you are here and smile
I'm even happy for a while
If you have had conflicts with thugs
Come to me I'm helpin' you with hugs

I just want that you know"I like You"
And I hope you like me too
I'm writing this poem
So that you can take it home

Come listen to my truest troughts,my truest feelings...
There's just one thing I want to tell you
I'm always there for you,to talk with you,
to hold your hand and to help you when you've had a bad day.
And when the shit isn't gone his way,
remember I'll be there and neva leave your side.

But it will be very hard if you die before I'll do
because someone were mising in our crew
nobody were helping me in bad times.
In every situation you maked me strong,
but how will i live,
when you are gone?

You should know that you mean a lot to me and
that you'll be in my heart till my last breath,till I die...
I'll try to neva say goodbye!
To me you are my best friend and I love you for

When you feel alone
remember I'm happy when you phone
I love you a lot
It's no secret
I want that all the world know
I've a special friend,that's you
I love you and everything you do
Your face is sweet and your heart is grand
Just take my hand and understand
Thank you,like you can see
you meen a lot to me

If I want to see you now
And i don't know how
I would you phone
So I will no longer be alone
Maybe now you can see
How much you mean to me

How special is it to have a friend like you
no one makes me feel the way you do.
Since the day I met you
there are no memories without you.
I got a special gift by god,
it's our friendship and especially YOU!!!

But there are also bad times because
sometimes I look into your eyes
and try to see what they hide.
I know there is something you'are not telling me,
but what is it?
If you need to talk I'll be stay with you
and if you need a hug ,I'll gave u 2.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,I'll be here
to make you smile and whipe away the tear
Just remember...
If you're sad,tears are running down and nobody helps
I'll be there for you,to give you a helping hand
and a shoulder to cry on.
I say you these things because I like you and
sometimes I see you sad and maybe some tears in your eyes
You've just to talk with me and you will feel very better...
belve me!!!
If you ever need someone to talk
You know just who to call
I'll be right by the phone
to catch you if you fall

You have to know,that I love you more than you will ever know
And I miss you if you have to go.
Life is great if I see you a while
what I miss the most when you go,is your nice bright smile,
for this smile I would realy walk a mile.
You are so special,I can't discribe it and
I can't explain the price and the feeling I have if you hug me
A hug from you is a dream...
A hug from you
is all I need
to make me feel better.
A hug from you
is all I need,
not a kiss,
not a touch
but a hug
to say I love you so much,
is priceless
I know sometimes I make things wrong
but every person make things wrong
so I say sorry to all these things I said
and hope you'll forget
I know I'm not a good writer and also not a good friend but
I hope you're with me till the end.

Some people say a best friend is always there
but I'm not here today...what can I be
for missing your birthday
But I try to excuse me,I will try it maybe with this
letter and this roses...?
Red like blood,the hell or the maybe love
I think love is right
because I realy love you!
There are 2 things you need to know
1st I want this day will be perfect for you
Today you'll have fun with your frinds
maybe you'll eat a birthday-cake and smile!
But the second thing you have to know
is that I'll neva forget what you've
done for me and today I pay you back
a part of this things you've done for me!
and I hope you forgive me that I'm not here today!
I hope this day is speciel for you
"Happy Birthday!" from me to YOU!

I try to wait patiently
and i hope one day, i'll be free
but i'm just wasting my life everysecond...
my reason to live is gone
and this was the only one...
i'll love u 4ever!!!

boah wenn ich die jetzt nach mehreren jahren les:D so schlecht:D

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